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"A Candle In The Dark" (by Joe DiMino)

A Candle in the dark
I could not see
A hand holding,
Could not hear
A voice calling,
But I was cold,
And sore for sight,
Was old
Long tired of night
And any spark would do
If in passing by chance
Was left
A glow of You.

A candle in the dark
No fancy cradle
Or proper handle for holding--
Not the slightest flutter of
Angel wings
Or strum of harps,
Reverent chant rising
From mysterious
Cloaked beings--
But always I have
Sensed Your warmth,
Safe suspension somewhere
Holding me
And anywhere will do
Because somehow
I know
At least
One supporting air
Is You--

A candle in the dark--
All warranties expired
None having ever
Been guarantees;
No sound trade-in
For newer model,
Too few years left
For loan-paying,
My little-light dimming
As The Thief
With illumination in his pocket
Slips silently away
As Time
Camouflaged as living
Leaves me where I started
But never doubting
In the end
To be led
Safely home
By Your loving candle
Out of my dark….

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