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"A Cloudy Day" (by Joe DiMino)

A cloudy morning—
Backyard not quite
Rising as usual—
Mr. Cat lazily sprawled across a lounge
Nods cordially to birds
At the fountain
A leap near when spry
But for now
A safe yawn away;

Birds seeming to miss
Sun even more—
Warmth of him
Penetrating fountain-shower—
And deep into shallow pool
Of communal bath,
So ancient a ritual
They appear
Somewhat disjointed
By the coolness,
Thinking the Sun this day
More a thief of sorts,
Having absconded with something
Rightfully theirs as his,
Needing a screen of haze
For himself and the
Gilt of himself—
A common hoarder
Refusing to give just share to his Commonwealth
Of gold—

Blossoms confused as to
Which way to turn;

Bees staying close
To their massive hive—
An obvious connection;

Yet I am off to work—

My nature oblivious to all;
Except the clock,
Light or dark,
Or somewhere dimly between
Yet clearly
Always the ticking same—

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