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"A Flycatcher Sang His Song" (by Joe DiMino)

A flycatcher sang his song today,
High atop a tall fig tree--
Out on the tipsiest branch
He swayed with rhythm
As he proudly sang--
Sang with joy, fluting so marvelously
I could scarce believe my ears--
Sang to his lover
Who answered in kind
From the nest they prepared;

Together they sang
For a young-one yet to be born;
But somehow knew
Near enough to hear their song
(Every season one would come along;
Needed to be fed,
Protected from the hawk--
Must be taught
To fly--
Sing the flycatcher song
By and by);

I listened to the two,
Suddenly feeling wings--
Found myself flying
Without any strings;
As one in a dream
Walking on air,
Gliding for rest,
Catching some lift
Out soaring the best.

I thanked the Flycatchers
For just being them,
My mind lighting on earth
once again-
Firm on the ground
Yet decisively changed--
A part of me
From here on out aloft….

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