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"A Legacy Of Lies" (by Joe DiMino)

A Legacy Of Lies

The importance of truth--
Not a politician's tongue,
Often deceit
The Maker of his speeches;

As to brains and heart:
Intelligent men
Would not presume of
The Politician
Independent either;
And once determined
After presiding over
Legislated anagrams
Would put stock
In neither--
Pinocchio was a wooden puppet,
But these are long-nosed

Where have the statesmen gone?
And why the way of the dodo
Nothing learned
Of the methods of

Men stealing Soul-power
Of other men--
And then their nation
On the road
To spirits of all nations…

Good intentioned men
Coming to service--
Taught to get things done
One must assume
The posture of a politician,
Telling lies
With the light of a sun…

A fist and heart so iron
God foresaw
We remain a speck
Separated by insurmountable distance;
Galaxies fleeing us--
Parting for good-fate
Before it is too late;

While the poets chronicle
The birds and bees;
Flowers and trees--
Their libidos and
How one day
We will all miraculously, Divinely unite--
After leaving innocent children
Beneath shadows of vultures;
Dark clouds
Within which
The new Socialist
Has trained on them
And generations yet to come
A Totalitarian sight…

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