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"A Nation Bleeding" (by Joe DiMino)

A great giant of Liberty is bleeding—
Bleeding from the wounds
Of her own compassion;
Bleeding from her heart
She lovingly left exposed—
The aorta severed;
God’s prime-pump of World Emacipation
Spewing out its soul essence
Upon the floor,
Injured by the very ones she cradled,
Protected, blessed, saying
Here is all potential,
To be Sovereign or Pauper,
Joyful or Sad,
My castles or gutters
Are the good you bring forth
Or the bad…

Some she bore of her own womb;
Others she welcomed from afar:
Said, “Here is where you are—
Seek and find,
This is a nation of dreams come true,
It is all up to you.”

But this is not a land of give-me,
Of reaching out just with hands opened
And sleeves not rolled-up
Determined to make work—
Lift those who cannot
Rise on their own,
But also leave them
Dignity and pride—

Socialism is a disease
Not a cure...blinders, not a guide....

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