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“A New Year with Opportunity”(by Joe DiMino)

Quick on fire
But when held, 
A deeper touch,
Surface love
Is cold—
(Such matches are cheap
Any Five and Dime
Sells them…
(Appearing near stars 
Not a plus rates the heart) 
For no sparkle 
Can make even
One genuine price
But the real jewels
The heart’s endearing expressions
Are never cliché’
Nor paid for entirely
Constellations fade in and out
Confidence turns 
From sure
To about
I mean, though sight and feel
Solid as a rock
Still that does not make
Any substance
Longevity real—
An experience 
Even remotely sonorous;
Two hands 
Or a multitude clapping
Loud and clear
Does not float a
Registered sound
Without a singer
On stage
And hummers in
The audience
(Such extended core 
Paramount if 
Theater worthy awards
The ideal animation
Of good and bad
The only thing
Sacred as soulful
Is usually the first
We sever
To part
For a morsel of fame
A fruitless journey
Is a youthful ego
To its own strength
The inherent resource
A grace at birth
Reminding me
I guess
You know
That thing
About the horse
And the cart?
Each of us
Is a miracle
Of new beginnings
And discoveries—
With reins in hand
Go without fear—
Press with confidence
Into the New Year
Is a manmade word
Starts in the mind
To the lips
On to the world
Of living vibration
Or motion
And then 
Back to fond deity
We had 
At the start—
When all was still
And perfect
Before the fall
Of memory
Heaven not only height
But a merciful
Nothing dies forever
Outside of God
To Himself
Reborn degrees
By our acquaintance

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