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"A Right To Information" by Joe DiMino.

It is not a question of Blue or Red,
But the question is, “People’s Right
To be Blue or Red” or green
If new thought is fertile
And of prosperous imagination;

The subject is whether people
Have right to information,
Now being silenced by
Those elected to power,
After promising an administration
Dedicated to transparency
Now apparently fearing such light
Has reversed, adopted a policy-opaque in defiance—
Holding those with objection
Beneath the shadow of a hammer
With a sickle—

“Politics as usual”
Was unconscionable for our Forefathers,
Framers of the Constitution;
Instead they traveled
In obedience with faith to their common God
For council and debate,
Seeking to emulate His Divine Draft—
Eventually to sign where no dots for lines
But without doubt knowing they were there,
Each dot a radiant star
On a flag with freedom
Considerate of all…

Yes—they thought United
Of the will of The One God
Not lost in semantics of name
But strengthened by consensus
Of moral attributes: Love is love!
Justice allows for no other Justice!
And truth a blazing sun
Of self evidence!

These here United States,
People United with principals
Of personal freedom,
Given as example
By that One God we all worship
And serve out of love
Devoid of fear—
That one God we adore above the wealth or Our Nation
And even our lives,
That same freedom we jointly wish
And promote for others around the world,
Offering up our resources
And blood

Will not submit to the lies and deceptions
By those seeking to make slaves
Of all—

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