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"A Sense Of Limbo" (by Joe DiMino)

I asked the sun
Why all the light?
Surely you, the one of sight,
Must see,
If not for light
There would be
No shadows,
And the dark
Purely dark
Would remain
Without a brilliant spec
Just be;

Even if that dark evil—
Is not evil
Fond of evil?
Content to know no other
A dark harmony
If not for you
Blazing lover, light;

I have heard
There are fires in hell;
Do they ask
Is that your light as well?
Purification or incineration?
I have touched a flame
Felt no difference….

(Physical light, while a representation of divine light manifest to man, manifests according to our consciousness, in direct relationship to our point of progress as we evolve toward higher vibration of being. I have touched divine light, and though hotter, beyond imagination, there is no pain and only a sense of pure love. Yet if we come too close to light in our physical world—well, I am certain all of us have been burned more than once. This is not a contradiction of light and love, but only a sign that there is much yet for us to evolve toward leaning our strengths beyond weaknesses. )

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