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"After Reading Cyrano…" (by Joe DiMino)

Let me speak of great love--
"Love!" no consonants can procure--
No vowels can lyrically form
Into lips and eyes so fair;
Dare I use the word divine
When proclaiming mine?

Yes! My love is all of these-
And adjectives numerous more
Than leaves;
And flakes it takes to white
The vast countryside;
And stars one counts when ribbons
Of stars unfold and
The dazzle of the heart cries
Out: "No other will do, no beat
Of life will pursue unless
There is you!"

I breathe a whisper love
Then shout,
As love in me bursts out--
Comes forth, an amorous rage--
Beyond poems,
Hearts poured out on page--
Not as buds--slowly, eloquently define,
Or as grapes aromatically refine,
But as stormy sea
Rushes to shore,
My love thrust is this
And more…

No--my love has no face--
For this is not her grace--
A body such as she
Yet have I to find
For all are in my mind--
For all reveal some special way
What alone a throbbing heart
Can say--
What alone heaven
Has yet to share,
What alone
Mortal hearts have yet to bare--
For such love as this
If for others I would deem
One must never have
But always dream….