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"All We See And Seem" by Joe DiMino

"All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream?"

Dream! Take my heart-
Come nearer my soul;
For only the release
Of such exhaled breath (the life within come brightly out the sleeping)
Thus freely escaping, while the guards of science and morals lay creeping, recline at the door flung wide,
From your lips, so sweetly poetic does my spirit take flight,
With you, my only light…

Dream! Together we pray my rational demise-
And contrive with words to wings
This treasure of outrageous lies-
Truth alone are weaves that define our riddle,
Threads that always righteously surmise
But are deaf to the Bard's candied-dripping-words
And just as blind
Of Starry-Poet's-painted-eyes;

Are you not the brilliance, Dream?
Drawing me as complicit-moth
To the treachery of enchanted flame;
And thus suspecting, yet I choose to live
What the deeper spirit imagined intended,
Making its laws
As the fanciful heart decrees,
When multitudes of else
Inevitably fall to doubt
Dream is enough:
When the body, crushed, tossed out,
What is left,-
The greater-Dream, will all appease.

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