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"Always Pushing Me" (by Joe DiMino)

Always pushing me—
And then it stopped;
No longer in my face—
Just-like-that, dropped-off,
The wind, my constant nemesis;

Strange new nature
Not being held back,
By a seemingly omnipotent earth—
Having always given and taken at will
And now suddenly
Appears gaining compassion,
A novel disposition,
A spirit transformed of personal ego
To one more benevolent as that of God,
Relinquishing its Turn-key attitude
With all the amenities of a prison—

One of us
Has definitely changed;
I pray it is myself—
The foot having out-grown the shoe,
Or simply casting off the old garment,
Having replaced puddles and gutters
For meadows with fresh, spring grass—
Warm to feet, inviting one to step;

I step from then into now;
From where I was into the future;
Forsaking the long stride between—
Follow a bright path of vision
To a new horizon
As the dawn breaks
And the sun preps, with a bright golden gleam—

It is all about attitude;
Not longitude and latitude
As some have taught;
It is what we think
More than what we drink or eat;
And to always dream forward, thus create—leaving no past
For retreat.

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