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"An Attitude Prayer" (by Joe DiMino)

Sad how some
See only lack—
The half that is empty;
As I remembering
A poor household
Where, no matter,
Beans were steak enough
And pasta with everything
Kept a healthy heart
Though the science yet to come—
And above the noise
Of too-Catholic-many
Love was abundant
Despite the monetary—
Granted, there are poor
Where bellies ache
To insane limits;
And their skies break
Day after day a deluge
Of graphic sorrows;
I have also walked beneath
Such dark cloud
Following me about
Both inside and out;
Then in a day’s shadow met
Someone with fate bleaker
Yet talk far brighter—
Someone with less chance
Yet stepped a happy dance—
And a twinkly sunny smile
Enough to light a world
For at least my day—
If feeling positive
Be that sun for another
This day I pray

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