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"And Eagle In Flight" (by Joe DiMino)

I studied an eagle in flight yesterday,
The swift creature
Gliding along a cliff-face…
Away up there—
Flawlessly maneuvering the rising drafts
I thought, this, indeed, is no air-apprentice—
But a captain, for certain—
Aloft—with majesty surmounting…

I thought of birdbrain (the diminutive pun)
And how this magnificent aeronaut
Took lift from something it
Simply felt and did not see—
Trusting to be held suspended
And not abandoned precipitously,
Pilot of the invisible…

I thought of myself—not feathered,
Less inclined to fly,
Less suited for physical elevation,
Perhaps believing far less
In support of the ethereal—
How would I feel
When at last my body falls away
And I am caught up in currents
Still to my mind faithful
But unimaginably high?

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