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"And If I Dream" by Joe DiMino

And if I dream
Say not
That I dream,
Or do I try escape
From the often glare of waking—
But live the sleeping pleasure 
As necessary preparation 
To further all days;

Yes, make no conscious mistake
Like relish the stars
While confounding them with
Seeming dark and empty between—
Forget not
How Michael
Saw in the lump of stone!
And how Leonardo
Divined the immortal smile
While so many of us
Stare at our empty
Seeing only canvas…

For we are more than obliterated distance
With blazing alliterations
To explain and reaffirm our places seen
And traveled;
And our greatest
Yet to be heard
Beyond the riotous revelry
And pagan dances
Lessened to the future
Even Gods such as Mozart—

Indeed!—the wise and proud gypsy
Knowing her crystal infinitely deep
Would always insist
Tent stakes not driven into stone,
The horses fed and watered first
And the wagons freshly painted
Even before the festive making
The soul, if to truly experience any moment
Must first be readied
To allow the move on….

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