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"Are Thou To Die A Grape" (by Joe DiMino)

Are thou to die a grape
Or a raisin to be?
And thus by unanimous
Decree (all me)
Ye shall live another week,
Bask in the sun--
And then be done.

I thought of my appetites,
Also how I used nature
To forward my species--
Oh one must live I know!
And to do so there are certain
We devour--a fact I am told--
But in that final hour
Of Predigest I must confess,
What would God think
If I refused to kill
And thus not go on?
Chose to starve
For a new purity I believe
Far closer to His intended Own;
Perhaps the grape can't think and feel,
But we are not always so lucky in the real,
Taking life we otherwise adore--
No complete winners
Come out of war….

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