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"Arizona 2011" (by Joe DiMino)

Famous for its heat
(A harsh sufficiency)
For the reveler of adversity its strength—
The deepest root which waters
Dry till the spirit;
Native Americans first
To try such mysticism
(Here sparse is an arid abundance)
(The earth less only bare of clutter
For the sake of cloudless clarity)
(The greatest beast that forages
For sanctity is one’s own timidity):
(Into the crevasses deep
We leap to find
Already the best part before all our intention
Has seeped)—
And for the fly
Not the diving eagle nor plummeting hawk
But to capture the sky
The upper thermal vulture
Longer and higher than the lot soars
As the multitude Prairie-dog successfully paws;
The sun gives life
And other sun makes die
Not evil this twin But mother’s instinct—
Yet only man continues to fall
When love gives way to hate
Presiding over basic law
So if not for God
Then why all else for?

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