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 “Back to the Sea”(by Joe DiMino)

On sails
The fiery skies
A rising reflection
Out of the past
Returns to my blood
Sea’s primal urge—
Yielding, I succumb the distance;
Take inhale of salt and vastness 
Tack out to depth
A sailor’s ancient spice;
Taste to bone
No more biting, palatable
Mineral than that of brine—
Neptune may be king
But retraced I hearken
To love of lady only—mast firm,
Erect to her bow;
Her cutting edge
My freedom sword
And bonnie navigator;
Her siren call an aphrodisiac—
I lock to her peaks;
Tongue the dips and slides
Over the crests
Lapping the foam off
Her sea-worthy thighs:
Coldness is waiting
And never the spray—
Chill is the yearning
And no worthy gush of warm 
If not a frigid splash 
To shock the senses—
Death in and under
Dispersed to the currents
Far less fatal to the soul
Than any land-lover’s 
Grave—God rid me forever
Such living hell!

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