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Be Thankful (by Joe DiMino)

Listen to birds, how they sing!
Hear the sun’s subtle voice, rising—
And follow its toning
Bright stretch and lavishly-basting
Warmth into the new day;
Harmonize with the earth
As it opens to never-ending
Always changing budding
Miracles of life; every dawn
A novel hope; every star fading
From sight
Prayers answered, and journeys
(Both triumph and defeat)
Put to rest—
It’s the lows and alto highs,
Feeling valleys and soaring
Summits of freely being—
Choose wisely
And be thankful for
Every fresh chance
At a hell-of-a-trip
Or a smooth sail
Into heaven—

Let no failure
Take away your joy
Nor will
To succeed!
There is more to life
Than any dim moment
And light far brighter
And greater loving
Than any mortal heart
As yet
Can conceive….

Let no evil
Take away
Your divine right
To create beauty;
And rule in health
And harmony,
One with
God’s creation

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