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"Birds Love To Sing" (by Joe DiMino)

Not so strange
As us
Birds love to sing—
Our missing semi-feather
Between arm and wing—
Share whistle melodiously,
Somewhere aloft, together
Between land and sky
We sink or fly—

Yes birds, as us,
Love to sing; and argue over
Most any little thing:
A minuscule seed,
Twig for a nest—
I found a dead flycatcher,
Apparently transgressed
On another’s territory—
Wife and I laid the critter
With tearful ceremony
Respectfully to rest;

Yes we know birds love to sing—
Like us
Argue over every little thing;
And they must, in some, small
Flutter-sense, grieve as any mother,
The loss of an offspring—
A mate
Too late to return;
Want to know why, at least a bird-trifle,
Her dear-wing is gone from the sky—

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