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"Blind Are The Faithless" (by Joe DiMino)

Are the faithless
That cannot perceive
God evident in all;
The flaw, if any,
The blinding to faith
By a narrow eye
Seeing only itself
In the mirror,
A depthless reflection—

Even the seemingly thoughtless meteor
Falling through the sky
Relates intelligence
For the light of final brilliance—
Its fate
Somehow faith in the knowing eye,
Darkness needing a spirit marker
To be other than a cold sense—

Blind-right one indeed has…
Yet those faithless always feel
The icy around them—
The cold hands
Of starless night
Affixed to the universe
Long before man’s comforting
Opening of science
With his temperate philosophies—
The bone of mind’s technologies
Having no real marrow,
For spirit alone sees truth
And what shapes without soul
Is a fragile shell
Perpetually hollow—

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