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"Blossoms Sway Gently In The Breeze" (by Joe DiMino)

Blossoms sway in the gentle breeze…
The breeze will not let them still-
The same bright colored blooms
Turn toward the sun:
He is their puppet-master
In a light-sense,
His strings the silk of beams,
Cut off by shade or night
Too long would wilt
All those lovely petals,
Come crashing to the earth as Punch-and -Judy
With an early curtain fall-

I've been told that
Nature abhors a vacuum-

So I concentrate…

One by one cut
The jerking strings,
Filling me with cause and effect motion-
Seeking to become an empty vessel:
Near the bottom,
Feel a rush of spirit,
And as a blossom open
Turn toward my rising sun…