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"Boots Likes Mink" (by Joe DiMino)

Boots likes mink you think?
My wife’s coat left out
On the bed,
Boots—having just finished
A gourmet tuna/crab—
Decided a perfect plush
To rest his feline head
Along with the rest of him
Curled up contentedly
Ever dapper, black tails (only one)
And spats white (four)—
Alongside a bottle of
Unopened—as of yet—
Jack Daniels
(Our preparations for
A winter hayride);

Of course Boots decided
To stay home, on the well warmed
Comforted bed—I took a snort for him
On the frosty trail…
then another
And soon saw my conscience
(Naked minks darting everywhere)
Having made their warmth contribution
Without prior consent—

I took another snort
Getting deliriously bent:
Thinking Alpaca (no)
Wool? Maybe…
Cotton (Can’t be certain)
Ah! Polyester!

Though to some absurd
Still Boots has
The final word

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