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Cherry wine in Springtime

Doctor D, as he was fondly called, was such an upright and respected citizen of the small town of Hollybranch, it was no wonder that the women of the village fell over themselves to be his patients. Tall, blonde and blue-eyed, he could charm the whiskers off a leopard.
Not far from the big city, Hollybranch, had always been a popular tourist attraction with its vibrantly arty community that had become famous for card-making, its acres of cherry tree orchards, warm springs, beautiful forests and breathtaking gardens and many tourists from all corners of the globe had flocked there, via the city, for their annual art and cherry festival.
Doctor D had always been so careful when selecting his candidates. They would be traveling alone, single, plain, plump, middle aged and a little lonely. He would win their confidence with his irresistible charisma and warm smile, make them laugh heartily and when he had seen that certain sparkle in their eyes, invite them to his home behind his practice to see his award winning vegetable garden.
It was usually whilst sipping a glass of his delicious homemade cherry wine or his divine elderflower cordial and admiring his enormous tomatoes and zucchini that their eyes would flicker and then roll back momentarily in their heads before they would slump to his feet, unconscious. Doctor D would sigh with satisfaction as he'd walk slowly away to put the needle back onto his favorite record, Rachmaninov piano concerto no. 3.
Maryann would make such wonderful, rich compost for his new spring vegetable patch…..

© Jane C. Solomon
September 29 2011

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