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"Cookies and Milk" by Joe DiMino

An angel flew by my open
Window—not certain of Heaven’s stores
I also left some cookies and milk
On a table nearby;

I had hoped she would stop—
Hang for awhile:

Tell me of the many souls
Seen as lights I heard—
How our colors differ—
Some flicker, some bright;
Some hardly glow—
So the angels know
The happy ones—
And those less glad
Peripheral gleams
On the border of sad;

And those truly abysmal—
Are we forever lost?
No angels will enter
And sit
With such hosts—

If no angels will enter
And sit with such hosts—
For we are all
More than tads into bad
Often trifling with good—
Why such air-fanning?
And the sound
Of a gentle light;
A bite of cookie…
Sip of glass—
In my dark
A chair brightening!

This time
She did not pass—

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