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"Darkness Gone" (by Joe DiMino)

Darkness gone
I now seek what is opaque
In me,
The unclear
Appealing complete

No direction of rays,
Labors of the seer,

But simple process
Of stepping out from beneath:

Aside from clouds of summit

Not for clear juxtaposition—
(My world now of mortal living)

Weeping for Him—

The soul calling
Him out…
The many small
Of our own strides
Standing between;

Feet of steps,
The many trips toppling us
Till pace unobstructed
Into boundless leaps—

Acrobats of the spirit!

Strange beings applauding—
Knowing the show
Must go on…

From above
Comes the main spot—

One we capture and hold
In our hearts
Light of love—

These golden paths
We bathe as we walk,
Quicken and run,

Species never done…

For in time all canopies must part,
Even that of the start

And what new stars we see

Where the beams will go
Once set free
With the heart….

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