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"Death, I Sense No Need" by Joe DiMino

Death, I sense no need
To run from you—
Whose arms, without
My knowing prying 
Lovingly fell open
That I might intimately see
The day bedazzled
And test its warmth
As a body of feeling
Before the growing-pain;

Though it has been
Your same primordial dark
(A well of silence)
Harkened back to
That I have learned 
To repeal consciously

Along with a more 
Transparent light:
Its coming-out cold
Often a harsh glare
Should I not squint
From others less fortunate
(The personality split
A devil by contrast)…

So—here am


The memory of nothing
And rush of everything—

Entirely denying 
Any own power
If limiting empathy

Subordinating my influence
To lesser gods and demons….

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