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"Divide and Conquer" (by Joe DiMino)

They are sheep,
Yearly counted and divided-
Black on one side,
White on the other;
Let them think one is wrong
One is right-
Doesn't matter
Which is which;
From time to time
Let them switch-
All born for shearing,
Easily led
Slit and bled;

Never let the black
And white sheep
Call each other brother;
Need to keep them apart
Distrusting one

Tell them they have different Fathers,

Different Holy Mothers-

Make them think

The State One
Is the Great One-

Most important thing,
Keep inventing ways
To craze-
Riddle them
Into a daze…

Replace natural softness
With pointed daggers for eyes-

Trouble their loving hearts
With lies;

Feed them jealousy for breakfast;

Contrast rich and poor
To start;

Envy's a tried-and-true lure-

After hooking them,
Give them each
A poisoned dart;

Let all sides think
They were cheated
By opposite others-
Who are
Really significant brothers;

And that only we
Can set things right;
Having been divinely elected
To change perceived darkness
To light-
Adding more notches
On our

Then begin again-

Never letting them suspect
To us
They are always
The same
Manipulated men-

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