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"Do I Really Need To Know?" (by Joe DiMino"

Do I really need to know
Why the Flycatcher
Sits atop the tallest weathered pole
On a spring morning
And releases this most fantastic trill,
Rides it higher and higher
To a manic rage,
Causing every living thing for yards around
To pause and take notice,
Be captured—
Lifted—suspended with lyric madness?

And do I really need to know
Why the rose
Tilts its blossom bright,
In a most flirting way
Toward the blushed face
On a rising sun?

And do I really need to know
Why bees and butterflies,
Make daily deposits and withdrawals
In open light, clear of armor,
No guard these faithful vehicles flit and fly,
Bankers free as sky?

And do I really need to know
Why you love me
And I love you,
When in those moments
Of separation
There is nothing…
Not even space to count—
For space can always
Be filled by something,
But true love
Either is
Or is not?