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"Does Love End" (by Joe DiMino)

Does love end?
Or simply leave
With a bend,
A curve
Out of sight…
And then
Another bend,
And ours
To affect
When seeing
New light—

At the fork
To left alone…
Or brighter

Not all thrown
Stones shatter;

Not all shards
Of the Mirror
Cut in ways
That matter

The dark, a curve,
A stretch-like pause,

To bow

To take
Final applause—

And then
A budding…
That scent…
A whiff of spring—
My how a heart
Sensing new fragrance
Struck by dawn
Feels not pain
But warmth,
And brightly rings,
As fine crystal
Comes alive
With fond dings;
Swings, red cherries
Ripe on boughs—
In the moment
Of bliss
Only hearts dead ask
The Whys and Hows

Of light—
Of storm,
Thus all
Once blossoms
Wash away—
And so, the curtain
Again undrawn:
Stage lights lit
Call our actors on—
The tears, the laughter
The performance, all good,
“Life is a stage”
And back
Or forward
“Into the Woods”
Only still
Are the graves

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