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"Emancipation" (by Joe DiMino)

Out of all the seasons
I would always choose
Were the choice only mine
That one of
Renewed life
Freshly awakening

My infant hands
With rosy fingers
Like the green shoots
Together reaching up
Freeing ourselves
One nature, all power
Over division
The arch enemy
While lover
(Evident in
The charming
Yet distinct bars
Of rainbow color)

Drilled above surface
Earth finds itself
An emancipated being
The lighter air, our atmosphere
A spirit in search
Of soaring

Wanting only now
One sunlight

One warmth

One original sin
To overcome

Annihilation of
The Eden Circle

The garden

The blossom

The fruit
An inevitable temptation

The endless basting
Brushing on and off
A priesthood of guilt
The opulent clergy covering
Their penance
But not ours

It is we
Who hear the silence
Reassured by a higher heaven
“Try a cross un-splintered
Even un-golden”

It is not Christ
That awaits His return
From distance
But He at all hands
Nearly beckoning

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