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"Expanding Being" (by Joe DiMino)

Expanding being
Beyond frame
Into frameless states
Of experience,
We are less Bordered-consumers
And more Unlimited-transformers;
As with our creator
That which we use
Awakens to abundance greater;
Having more in common
With lightning
And its fire to quickly follow—
Such brilliant spark
Ignites in the endless balance of things,
At the center
Where spirit in Realm of Always
Teeters between life and infinite life—
Ashes never entirely cold and infertile
But from warmth of carbon-base
Back to incendiary moment
Nature’s flamboyant affair
Of reaffirming
Her omnipotence—

One could say
And not so far a stretch
That God is carbon—
And lightning His light-stick
Pointing out brilliance
Bringing to fiery attention true Dark-matter
The void all rises out of—
Great flaming birds,
Star-like from collision
That is simply unknowing
Cataclysmically introduced
To its light—

We are far more than we think,
And a lot nearer to
That giving us
All we question—
Seeking mysterious-origin—
Infinite questions
Always leading
Strangely back
To expanding sense of self—

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