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"Faith" (by Joe DiMino)

We have only met
Face to face—
Waded reflection deep;
Into depth we must penetrate
If ever to understand
All we truly are;
Where we come from—
And why called
So darkly
To surface—

To say it is God
And for His purpose
Would be enough
If simple-definition
Without mind
Restless when not knowing,
And soul we sense
Goes on forever—

No—if not to know all
We would not have
Capacity to question
All we encounter—

Soul to track
With hound of light

Guiding us
Safely beyond cloudy marsh,

Between polychromic-trees
Lit by our eyes
As those of cats
Giving back
For further
What we first freeze as prey
In Time—

Yes—it is faith
That holds our spirits
Fast to the leash—

And semi-faith
That keeps our loyal dogs on—

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