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"Flight Fascinates Me" (by Joe DiMino)

Flight fascinates me,
Often having shared
The envy of valleys,
When in need of lifting-
Submerged and cleaned
Nearly out of sight…

The vulture
Above such tragedy
Delights in sky,
High over rapids
Awaiting hospitality
Of the left behind
Defeated on the banks…

I prune my wings-
Most birds think
I'm mad;
For no such feathers
Have they seen,
And no assuring flutter comes
From their awkward dangle
With graceless bends and folds;
So the wager is against me-
Nests worth of seeds…

But to every mortal once
The impossible
Is made real;
And the human soul is lifted
In a way all Nature feels-
So the wise old owl
Tells the betting finch
(Always in a hurry)
"Hedge some of your store;
My mouse is on human-
From Wright to Glenn
We've seen this critter soar…."


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