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"Freedom Called"  by Joe DiMino

I see You in all things, God;
And, sadly, I see me
For surely You did not
Will the majestic lion
To devour the gentle lamb
And the hawk not made
To talon apart the cuddly hare—
No, it is greatly You
And minutely I There….

You, as the High Spirit
Who resurrects,
And I, as the lowly ego
Architect of willful despair—
It is You who heals
And I tearing
At my own flesh
Making gore of all,
To rule
Is also
To be subject presence;

Freedom’s calling:

Your voice across the ages…

Born of the soul
For a heart in men
To this, both curse
And royal destiny;
Curse, that we should
Reject our God
His comfort and haven
Our brightest source,
At painful length
To establish below
All that was near
And effortless above—

Strengthened we both

The earth resolves—

Man transforms
To the living Light of God
When one conscious
Then explored
Expresses outright
As The Greatest
Sentient love….

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