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Eagle (by Gary Allen)

There's an eagle soaring in the sky
I sit earthbound just to watch him fly
I try to imagine how it must feel to be so free
As I watch the majesty of the sky
only the eagle can be

Lost Some Petals (by Gary Allen)

Like a rose lost some petals over time
Bloomed again in the summer sunshine
They say life isn't a bed or roses
I'll make the best of whatever life proposes
Resilient as a pansy that braves the winter frosts
Keep working on me so I will never be lost
Brilliant as the beautiful hibiscus
Bring to reality my dreams and wishes

Mother (by Gary Allen)


Mother, you taught me to be strong and fair

Whenever I was hurt, you were always there

Mother you are special in so many ways

I can't think of all the words to express what I'd like to say

Mother you've been through hard times

You have always been there to help me through mine

I love and appreciate you very dearly

I want you to know how much you mean to me

I praise the things that you've done

You're my mother and second to none