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"Hanky Panky Winky Drinky Blinky" by Joe DiMino

I saw a rose
A perfect bloom;
In early springAnd I yet
To groom—
But what cared I
In the past
For roses
Other than petal plucking
And dew sucking
A typical male
At the heart—

Till this rare beauty
From the start
Captured my fancy
Remained I quite antsy
Restless and yearning
With classical burning,
My thoughts went to marriage
A lace windowed cottage
Rattles and baby carriage
Cooing and gooing
Diapers had to be changed
Priorities rearranged
No time for old pals
No, to chasing young gals
My duty to estrange—

Somewhere in this narrative
The good and bad
Of life’s call—
Somewhere in this narrative
Both man and woman
Pinnacle and then fall—
And now grandparents
The best of it all—
When creation gets tired
And cranky
We sent them home
With Darla and Spanky
All grown,
Grandma and Pa
To enjoy the alone
Some old fashioned
Hanky and panky
Again on our own
Having well earned
Winky and drinky,
Life is far too short
And nearly over in
What seems now
A blinky…..

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