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Happy Valentine! (by Joe DiMino)

Why roses for the heart?
So plush and fully surfaced!
So blushed and enchantingly
vented, their scent beguiling!
unlike the heart,
often smelling
of mystery
to its own body;
not to forget
that rumored soul—
changing shade
with altitude
of passion
too rapidly
for safe calculation

ah—But that
legendary rose!

twice pleasing to
the nose!…unless
one suffers

Give me amulets and potions!

while less of those
love notions…

—shallow spells far easier
to deal with
than eternities…

of garbage
with ass wipers…

roses oddly
rhyming with diapers:

the twitching and the sneezing…

the aching and the wheezing…

chocolates!—no mirrors

with the poetry!

and just keep
amorously petting
till the next feeding
then Doody-call…

Happy Valentine!

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