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"He Is Guardian And Gate" by Joe DiMino.

He is Guardian
And gate—
Sentry of my soul’s journey;

Image behind my eyes
I choose to not look at,
Having lived so long
With comforting lie
Of surface vision—
Sleep beneath my dream
Under deeper cover
Where I will to not tunnel for refuge
Fearing even more hideous discovery—Dorian
Of my portrait being—

I approach the Keeper
As one approaches a potentially
Deadly precipice
Eyes a-twitch
With tremulous step—
Look for reach
Through fiery clouds
Hoping it is hand
As that of Christ’s—
Wishing the pyre,
Detaining me
In cremation—
Having held me back
In the past—
Will now at last
Set my soul free of flame
And be content
With reward of ashes—

I have turned back before

As Peter sinking in my own sea
One hand toward the boat
And one toward my Lord

Heard the words, “Come to Me”

One hand toward physical craft
And one
Reaching for freedom-spirit

Torn between demon I know
Of my own creation
In a cage we have paced together
In long but predictable conflict

And unknown
Dare I step in faith

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