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"Hear My Confession" (by Joe DiMino)

Hear my confession!
I compose my way
From depression;
Let it all vent out,
Every syllable
I can find
Keeping me blind
From the joy around me,
The gifts and pleasures
Exceeding loss
By all measures—

Hear my confession!
Through with depression—
No more room
For gloom in me—
Dark phrases gone;
All my rhymes
From now on out
For cheerful song—
All my lyrics for blues
Changed to forwards
Bearing uplifting news—

Hark, hear my confession—
To hell
With depression!
I choose to let
My Sad-Sap go—
Let the Light back out,
Let the gleam-guy glow;
All lines
To be inked
For positive redefines—

Here my resurrection!
Pen a bright reflection—
Right all darkly wrong
By the write
Of perfection.

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