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"How Do We Tell Them?" (by Joe DiMino)

How do we tell them?—the children;
Of course—foolish me! We will not see—
Having gone entirely self-satisfied
To our Graves,
Oblivious to the suffering
The next generation will endure—
Innocent victims
Of a Once Great Nation’s
Fall through stupidity;

How do we tell them?—the children;
Of course—no need to tell them anything.
The Socialists will do it all for them—
Regular schedule from dawn to dusk:
When to rise,
When to crap;
How to eat,
How to nap;
Porn their right and treasure—
Numbing drugs in abundance
For their leisure—
Children born
For the state—
Death a prearranged date;
“All for one,
One for all”—everyone the same—
Including the name:
“The New World Order!”

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