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No part of this poetry should be reproduced in any form without written consent from the author, Joe DiMino who retains all rights. Contact.

"How Should I Liken You?" (by Joe DiMino)

To say that you are sunshine
Or as starlight
Would not say much,
Just the old of you
Though charmingly cliché;

Nor will I liken you to moonbeam—
Even one too singular
For capture and contain;
One the eye would need slow,
Necessarily dim
To reveal such illumination,
And by then the real spark is gone;

For you are far more illusive a light—

One hell cannot use
For ignition to kindle to blaze then smother;
Nor heaven rain-in, take back
A beloved gleam having escaped
Far independent of the fold—

No—you are mine,
With intimacy only God an I
Will ever know…

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