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"I Am (by Joe DiMino)

“I think, therefore I am”
or perhaps
just think that I think
therefore I am a dream,
my dimension of mind
or yours?

You speak of all
As mortal,
Yet I sense in love
The eternal;

See in the patterns
Of earth, change—
But not one
Giving up;

Nothing speechless
As your world
When the body goes…
Unlike mine—sensing
A greater blessing,
No void or vacuum
But a rest

And then a surge
Of freshly coming

Hearing a language way off

In awe of their tongues
An exalting of myths
Prayers to advance being—
Unrecorded symphony
I am moved toward

I fly now
To be with those poets
Passing to new forms
Awakening to a soft drum
Of time about to be written
Heedless of prose,
Of rhyme—transcending

Drawn deeper toward
Substantive oblivion

Feeling the quake

The first as felt—

That which speaks
Without words

Moves outside of motion—

Depending on
Not a single ripple
To make wave;
I ride no definable crest
Now above the skies
Higher than any sun’s
Always royal rising…
I hear the spirit
Beyond the physical death
Of science their needful
To stay firm
They are deaf

…my dimension
Of mind

So I choose
No relying on matter

I am!

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