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"I Cornered A Cricket" (by Joe DiMino)

I cornered a cricket—
(Surprisingly small for all the noise)
Who had been making quite
A racket
In the house—
Never my intention though
To squish the pesky Chirp,
Even less so now
As he helplessly
Bounced off the wall
With no place left to hop—

I have been there—

Done that—

With a monster breathing down on me,

Prayed for a helping-hand
In this case
Coming in the form of an empty jar
Turned upside-down for capture and release—

I set him free at the backdoor—

Strangely expecting a grateful chirp;
Or an extra spin
With a cricket grin
Before bolting off—

Didn’t get any of that—
As he was gone
In a leaping flash,
Off into the tall grass—

Yet, somehow I felt released;
Felt a cricket smile
Tickle my face;
Chirped a cricket tune
As I closed the door
On another small chapter—

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