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"I Do Not Simply Believe" (by Joe DiMino)

I do not simply believe—
Beliefs can be baseless;
Predicated on
Gurgling of the heart—
So far from the surface
Of truth
Their origins obscured entirely
By dark circulation, no scope
Of resolution can resolve—

Poorly managed by the soul
Feelings are often
Obstructions to
That which is positive
And prosperous

I speak of lifetimes of records

One’s chest of hopes and dreams
Through incarnations
The settling
And compounded distilling of
Many human journeys;

And there with the hopes and dreams
Our casts of scripted angels and gods
Coming and going—
The real devils
We create and manage
Beneath blankets
Our woven deceits

Prompted by infant minds
More interested in covering
Size and shape,
The boos and applauds
Such audience affronts
To selfless universal love

For only in ultra personal cradles
Of development

Away from the compassion
And uplifting attributes
Of a greater calling
And therefore higher good
Chapels of negative harmony
Are allowed erected edifice
And then largely maintained
These small worships
As if consensus world cathedrals,
The illusion
One’s self
As the ultimate architect

Really lesser Hierarchy

Then we must first
Bow to each
Before moving on

So refrain from believing
Opting to know

I affirm!

It is not the sun—
External image
Of the Spirit of Light—
That gives life wise vision
And warmth of feeling,
But the Spirit-illuminant within
Coloring the exterior
Of all things
Seeking its own perfection
By reaching up and outward—
Manifesting a true royal display
As opposed to
A merely ostentatious shell
Housing unfit a correctly discerning
Nurturing spirit—
The imagined into being nature
Called the Physical-formative
Willed by us
To the real of matter
Man’s gift of
A determination for
Unobstructed creation
His birthright—omnipotence

We are worlds away
From all other worlds

As well as ourselves
From one another
As we have determined

A dimension outside
Of infinite consistency

Because we have
Declared such a station
Or port of division…

Cutout egos
Without the divine matrix
Of a common body—
That of a loving God
Given His gift of
The Living Word
For all who articulate
More than
Egoistic belches

Isolation merely an elusion
Not truth

For there is no truth
Worth living
Without first
One’s own death
Of the lesser ego
For verification

It is light
And dark by contrast

That simple
And the greatest
Evidence for all
To plainly see
Or ignore

We need only seek Light
Not for explanation
But the inherent truth evident
By obvious contrast

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