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"I Give You My Heart" by Joe DiMino

Christ, I give You my heart;
My heart—
That of me
Which is most precious,
Most blessed
Of all creation—

Fount of which
Comes forth the Spirit’s Glory—
Having depth of Soul’s passion…

You, the obedient Son drank
Its red/white stripes—
And we were made
Whole, Holy and perfect;

Christ, I give You my heart,
That I may have share
Of Resurrection;
Rise from the grave
No longer sleeping,
Not one of the walking dead
But a Blazing Sun triumphant;

Christ, I give You my heart;
That which the Father gave to me
For chest of treasured being;
His jewels
For Royal-crown on heads of those
Destined to Divinely-living;
Light within
Beaming forth
Transforming image to His
Which is most Highest
Diadem of manifestation;

Christ, I give You my heart;
For Your sacred one
Has redeemed me—
United the Father,
His Sons and Daughters—
The Source,
The Will,
And the Soul of love
Are immortal
Trinity—United triangle,
Six-pointed star
Of Bethlehem
Obliterated darkness forever—

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