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"I Have Always Loved You" (by Joe DiMino)

I have always loved You-
Even before
Coming to this earth
I sensed
You in me-
God's Son that early on;

Pleaded with angels
To see what they
Could do-all my hopes
In You;

Every breath yet to take-
Every step
For Heaven's sake,
This I vowed
To always do-
Tired of living death…
I gravely knew-

Then one dawn
When least expected-
Surely thought
All penance rejected;
I heard arise
An echoed knock,
From hollow deep
Within my heart-

Glad I left
Past-door ajar—
Or Your miracle
At will
To move beyond walls;
Nothing new
Had I done—
Yet somehow
Renewing in me begun;
At last
Feeling your win—
Loving away my sin….

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