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"I Have Learned Much In Life" by Joe DiMino

I have learned much in life:
They say, deep down inside
Nothing is ever forgotten-
Sort of an internal recorder
We all have, going by many names-I prefer, Light Disc.

I like that-Light Disc!
Sounds so mysterious-
And yet, much of the stored
Remains an enigma,
A jumble of crossword
Never crossing-
Maybe it is Faces? Foreign? Alien?
And all are mine,
Nothing and everything to be afraid of…

Fear…what a laugh!
The joke on fear-
The soil your pants
Kind of fear…
And then there is no more left
For the hunger will not supply…

But love? That is different!
It is always out in front of you somehow…
Like chasing down a paper
Kicked by the wind-
Some important note that got away;
Perhaps it is a kite, snapped,
Heading toward power-lines,
Your passionate sparks real
Or all are imagined?