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"I Listen To Drops" (by Joe DiMino)

I listen to drops
On the tin roof,
Music comes from all forms
Soft and solid
The roof its own instrument
Selectively sounding
Of soft pings
And deep kettle rolls--
The running and the dripping
The peak and the two sides
Of different direction
There are two sides to everything
Two rights and two wrongs
Keeping things together
Or flowing them apart

I listen to drops
See in my mind
The direct fall
And the sweep of windy curtains--
Many still play
Tunes easy to recall,
I hum over and over
Evaporate quickly
Finding another and linger
With the glisten of a smile
The many faces like puddles
Wiggles and squiggles
Of reflection
Gentle drizzles
And electrifying storms--
The trees that come down
On roofs
To contrast with sweetly flowing nature
Followed by sun-flowers
Followed by children in gardens
Sailing their little vessels
Where the waters gathered
Looking in shallow
And seeing how lovely they are
And then deeper
Their beauty yet to be

It is all about clouds and rain
Running water
Puddles great and small
About where drops gather
Come together
Lots of drops
Looking toward the horizon
For the morning sun
To warm and lift them
Perhaps this time
Not as vapor
But unsaturated into light

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