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"I Looked Off" (by Joe DiMino)

I looked off
Into great distance…
Little things
No longer distinguishable-
Those subtle differences
I could never name
Could never paint,
Stubbornly refusing
The prime of my colors,
Shapes and strokes
Of my pithy brush-
My mind a sieve
Of contours
And dripping questions
In rivers of endless
Flowing debate…

It is here
At great distance,
Where topics come together
In a somewhat-blur,
Clearer for lack of
Sort of like
Closing one's eyes to see more…
Or one's ears
To feel vibration
Of deception,
And sense true
Hearing inside,
And sound an honest
But dull imitator-
The real mystery of
One it will never give up-
A jittering tease
Of provocative molecules…

It is here in distance
I come to retrieve myself-
That stick I long tossed
a time ago-
The reminder I placed
In a bottle
And pitched to sea
Way back when,
Now washed ashore
Seal intact-
Ink fresh as ever-
The near twinkle of glass
The same twinkle I sent
On its way…

It is here
In distance
That I find you near-
The macro
Out of the micro,
The world-speck,
Grown universal-
Not pointed up
Nor down
Nor out
But in-
To the here vastness,
The seal of self broken,
To be read fresh
Back from the dark of searching,
In new light
The star uncovered
I always had
And needed blinding to see…