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"I Love You" by Joe DiMino

I love you…
There—I have said it!
Perhaps the greatest fix
Myself at last
Added to the mix—

Loving me
Not by comparisons to others
Nor for deeds,
But simply having come to relish
The blessed comforter of
My creeds—

Sharing of one’s heart—the natural
Most basic of needs;

Prevalent through beings as carbon, water
And air—abundant, far from rare
This staple of tender chemistry
We have, unlimited, in spare—

Through this poetic-kiss
Metaphorically such image
I bravely give
That you may pass to others
When so inclined
That the greater world
In time perhaps abundantly
Unconditionally will chance to live—

Sensing as in me the sunrise
To make all of me pucker
A bit more fair—I wish you a new dawn
And thus declare openly—
In fact trumpet
Such intimate confession—
Hoping you, upon rising, with those near
Will likewise share—

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